Monitor Wikipedia Pages
Easily keep track of pages that have dead links or need citations

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Citation Needed Monitoring
We provide Wikipedia editors the ability to monitor Wikipedia pages that need inline citations or references.
Foreign Language Support
We support the ability to monitor pages for words that are in other languages. German, French, Spanish, English, etc.
Saved Queries & Pages
After speaking with editors, we found that many have niches they like to monitor. We allow editors to search for keywords and then we store the relevant Wikipedia pages for later review.
Dead link Monitoring
Allows Wikipedia editors to identify pages where dead links exist. Common reasons for dead links include from link rot or vandalism.

Our goals

Our goal is to provide an easy way for Wikipedia page management for editors. We provide a monitoring solution and ask that you use it in alignment with Wikipedias goals. Please read what Wikipedia is not.

Keep in mind that Wikipedia asks that all editors to be free of conflict of interest and maintain a neutral point of view. If you think you may have a conflict of interest, please follow the guidelines and use the talk page to let another editor decide.